ASA Announces Strong Ecosystem for ASA Motion Link Camera and Display Connectivity Solution

By ASA News June 17, 2024

Major OEMs along with Tool, Test Equipment, Cable and Connector Suppliers are supporting the ASA Motion Link Technology  

Munich, Germany June 17, 2024, The Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA) is proud to announce the successful establishment of a large ecosystem for the asymmetric high-speed communication standard ASA Motion Link (ASA-ML). ASA was founded in 2019 with the goal to develop an urgently needed, asymmetric high-speed communication standard that connects the increasing number of cameras, sensors, and displays in modern vehicles. However, a standard is only as successful as its ecosystem. Next to facilitating a multi-vendor market of respective communication semiconductors, it is equally important to have tools and test support products that help the Tier 1s and car manufacturers to bring ASA-ML enabled functions to market. Also, the provision of suitable supplementary products such as cable, connectors, power supply circuitry is essential to empower a communication standard and make it a success. 

Now, ASA is excited that companies like AED Vantage, Aukua Systems, Inc., BitifEye Digital Test Solutions GmbH, BlueFusion Inc., C&S group, dSPACE GmbH, in-tech GmbH, Keysight Technologies, NI/Emerson, Rohde & Schwarz, Technica Engineering GmbH, and many more support the introduction of ASA-ML enabled communication links with respective tools and test products. Furthermore, suitable cable and/or connector solutions are available from Aptiv, GG Group, Leoni, Molex, Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Ko. KG as well as TE Connectivity, among others.  

In parallel, Continental recently showcased their first prototype 8MP automotive ASA-ML small satellite formfactor camera at the Automotive Ethernet Congress 2024 in Munich. At the same event, BMW announced their plans for series production start with ASA products in 2027. Additional car manufacturers and members of the ecosystem are expressing their support: 

Ampere Software Technology, Josetxo VILLANUEVA, In-Vehicle Networks Expert: “From OEM perspective, standardization of communication technologies is key to create a robust, competitive, and interoperable multivendor ecosystem, that enhances communication quality and reduces cost. Additionally, standardization leverages exhaustive conformance, IOP & EMC tests at component level and validation plans at ECU level, which ensure transparency, capitalize on identified issues, and improve implementations. Last but not least, ASA-ML standard permits to bring to life new products, as integration of imager & serializer in a single SoC, very difficult to put in place with proprietary SerDes.” 

BlueFusion Inc., Ramesh Annavajjala, CEO: “Open interfaces such as ASA-ML enable vendor diversity, enhance in-vehicle security, reduce the solution cost to the OEMs and the end customers.”  

Ford, Amrit Gopal, Supervisor, Advanced Networking Dept.: “Ford has actively participated in and contributed to the development of ASA standards and is encouraged by the commitment of several vendors to develop ASA-compatible chipsets, making this a truly open standard.” 

Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik, Mr. Martin Zebhauser, Executive Vice President / Business Area Automotive: “We at Rosenberger are dedicated to drive the success of ASA Motion Link by advancing standardization activities and offering our cutting-edge data connector solutions. As an industry leader, our extensive portfolio ensures robust and safe multigigabit communication within the automotive ecosystem.”  

ASA has recently announced that minimum ten semiconductor vendors already provide ASA-ML products or will provide them soon. These are AVIVA Links, Broadcom Inc., Jinglue Semiconductor, Nanjing Rsemi Technology Co. Ltd., OMNIVISION, Realtek Semiconductor Corporation, ROHM Co. Ltd., Silicon Auto, Sony Semiconductor Solutions, Sparq Semiconductor Inc., and VSI, a Microchip company. 

Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA) has more than 150 members, including the automobile manufacturers BMW, Ford, GM, Hyundai Kia Motor Company, Nio, Renault/Ampere, Stellantis, Volvo Trucks and Xiaopeng Motors. Since its inauguration in May 2019, ASA has completed first transceiver specification version 1.01 in December 2020, with products publicly shown as early as November 2022. Its latest transceiver specification version 2.0 has just been released in April 2024 and addresses seamless migration to an efficient Ethernet-based sensor connectivity in addition to the established SerDes point-to-point communication.   

About Automotive SerDes Alliance 

The Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA) is a non-profit industry alliance of automotive technology providers collaborating to standardize asymmetric SerDes technology. The group currently has more than 150 active member companies that work together to industrialize and promote the “ASA Motion Link.” The member companies of ASA include representatives from the complete automotive ecosystem, including car manufacturers, tier-one suppliers, semiconductor vendors, cable and connector manufacturers, test tool vendors, and test houses. Having such a diverse and rich ecosystem ensures that the ASA standards development is in-tune with market requirements and is optimized through the participation of industry experts. 

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