About ASA

The Automotive SerDes Alliance is a non-profit industry alliance of automotive technology providers participating to encourage standardizing of asymmetric SerDes technology:

Member Companies

Member companies of the leading industry alliance cover the entire breadth of automotive ecosystem including car manufacturers (OEMs), tier-ones, semiconductor suppliers, cable & component manufacturers and test houses & testing tool vendors. Having such a diverse and rich ecosystem ensures that the ASA standards are in-tune with market requirements and are optimized through the participation of industry experts.

The group was established in 2019 by BMW, Continental, Broadcom, Fraunhofer IIS and NXP as founding members. In the short amount of time since its inception, ASA has been growing rapidly and now has more than 90 active member companies. In December 2020, ASA released the “ASA Motion Link” transceiver specification v1.01, which defines a SerDes communication technology for in-vehicle connectivity ranging from 2Gbps to 16Gbps line rate. The member companies are currently finalizing v1.1 of the specification.

Key Features of ASA Motion Link v1.01

  • Interoperable Asymmetrical SerDes standard including physical, data link & transport layers
  • Up to 15m Coaxial and 10m SDP channels with up to 4 inline connectors
  • Downlink line rates up to 16Gbps
  • Uplink data rates greater than 100Mbps
  • Deterministic delivery framework
  • Comprehensive security framework including an efficient key exchange mechanism
  • Application Stream Encapsulation Protocol (ASEPs) for Video, I2C, Ethernet packets
  • Robust EMC immunity and EMI emission profiles

Key Features of ASA Motion Link v1.1

  • Downlink line rates up to 64Gbps
  • Application Stream Encapsulation Protocol (ASEPs) for I2S, GPIO, embedded DP, SPI, HDMI