Technical Committees

TCA – Physical Layer

  • TCA is the first Technical Committee of the Automotive SerDes Alliance. It has been active since May 2019. It specifies all aspects of the physical data transmission needed in order to be able to develop interoperable products. The first specification will support user data rates between 1.8 and 13 Gbps.

TCB – Data Link Layer

  • TCB is the second technical committee of ASA that started in September 2019. This TC covers all data link layer aspects that allow for handling different streams over one ASA link. It also covers the ASA formats of encapsulation of higher layer protocols.

TCC – Security

  • TCC was founded in November 2019. It develops the interface specification necessary to enable a device authentication  and secure communication for ASA SerDes links.

General Notice

In the Automotive SerDes Alliance, organization or reorganization of any Technical Committee is done by the Steering Committee (of Promoters). Any Member may propose a Technical Committee to the Steering Committee.