Technical Committees

TCA – Physical Layer

  • TCA was established as the first Technical Committee of the Automotive SerDes Alliance. It has been active since May 2019. It specifies all aspects of physical data transmission needed to develop interoperable products. Following the completion of the ASA Motion Link specification 1.01, TCA is now defining the specifications for data rates up to 64Gbps line rate .

TCB – Data Link Layer & Application Stream Encapsulation Protocol (ASEP)

  • TCB was the second technical committee of ASA that started in September 2019. This TC covers all data link layer aspects that allow for handling of multiple streams over one ASA link. It also covers the ASA encapsulation of application specific higher layer protocols. With Specification 1.01, TCB covered general ASEPs for Video, GPIO, I2C and Ethernet. TCB is now working on optimized ASEPs for specific higher layer protocols such as the VESA eDP/DP and HDMI.

TCC – Security

  • TCC was founded in November 2019. It developed the interface specifications necessary to enable device authentication and data encryption for secure communication over ASA SerDes links including an efficient key exchange mechanism. As its work was completed with the ASA Motion Link Specification 1.01, this TC is currently inactive.

TCD – Transceiver Tests

  • TCD was established in October 2020. It is currently developing test and compliance specifications for ASA Motion Link transceivers.

TCE – Channel & Components, EMC Tests

  • TCE is the newest technical committee of ASA. It was established in May 2021. It is currently defining test specifications for ASA communication channel and components as well as EMC requirements and test methodologies for ASA Motion Link SerDes. It works in close cooperation with the OPEN Alliance working group addressing the multigigabit Ethernet channel.

Marketing Committee

  • The marketing committee was formed in June 2021, and its goal is to promote ASA standardization work amongst various automotive industry organizations. This committee manages the ASA website and the ASA LinkedIn page and coordinates the latest news pertaining to ASA through regular announcements and article publications.

General Notice

In the Automotive SerDes Alliance, organization or reorganization of any Technical Committee is done by the Steering Committee (of Promoters). Any Member may propose a Technical Committee to the Steering Committee.