The Automotive SerDes Alliance is a non-profit industry alliance of automotive technology providers collaborating to encourage standardizing of asymmetric SerDes technology

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  • Liaison Establishment of JASPAR and ASA

    ASA started with the goal to create a standard for the entire automotive industry and to establish a standardized technology. One step closer to this claim was made recently: With…

  • Automotive SerDes Alliance to Present at AutoSens 2020 in Detroit Michigan

    UPDATE: Postponed! More information: In today's E/E Architectures, there are various communication scopes, but an increasingly important one is the interface from sensors to the in-vehicle-network and ECU’s. These…

  • "Now the Course Is Being Set for the Next Decade"

    The standardization of SerDes links for asynchronous signal transmission in automobiles is making good progress: The Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA), founded for this purpose, has grown from 13 to 36…


  • Face to Face Meetings

    Changed to online meeting!   The ASA Steering Committee has decided to cancel the upcoming meeting in Irvine. The current happenings around the COVID-19 virus lead us to this decision.…

  • Face to Face Meetings

    Meeting Schedule: 8 - 10 June 2020: Technical Committee A and Technical Committee C 5 June 2020: Steering Committee  

  • Automotive SerDes Conference

    Join ASA at the Automotive SerDes Conference in Munich in October 2020.  This conference will be provided in english and will happen virtually. Find more information here: Link


Join Automotive SerDes Alliance to partner with industry’s leading automotive and tech companies to develop a SerDes standard.

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