The Automotive SerDes Alliance is a non-profit industry alliance of automotive technology providers participating to encourage standardizing of asymmetric SerDes technology

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  • Automotive Ethernet Summit China 2024

    ASA is excited to participate at the 5th Automotive Ethernet Summit in Shanghai as Association Partner. Dr. Kirsten Matheus will be giving a keynote speech on "Uniting SerDes and Ethernet…

  • PMA Compliance Plugfest

    We are happy to announce the first ASA PMA Compliance Plugfest taking place from April 22 to April 25th in Hasselt, Belgium With this, we will achieve a further important…

  • In-Person Meeting Technical Committees A, B, D and E

    The Technical Committees  A (Physical layer) and Technical Committee B (Data Link Layer & Application Stream Encapsulation Protocol (ASEP)) as well  Technical Committee D (Test) and Technical Committee E (Channel &  Components,…


Join Automotive SerDes Alliance to partner with industry’s leading automotive and tech companies to develop a SerDes standard.

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