The Automotive SerDes Alliance is a non-profit industry alliance of automotive technology providers collaborating to encourage standardizing of asymmetric SerDes technology

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  • Interview in Japanese: Nikkei Business Publications

    「日を追うごとに参加企業が増えている。それだけ注目されている証左だ」――。こう胸を張るのは、車載に向けた新しい高速インターフェースの普及促進団体「Automotive SerDes Alliance(ASA)」で議長(Chair)を務めるStefan Brunner氏である。

  • A New Standard for the Automotive Industry

    A new alliance of OEMs and suppliers is committed to standardizing SerDes connections in the car. Until now, only proprietary solutions have been available for the link, which is frequently…


  • Face to Face Meetings

    Hosted by Broadcom in Irvine, California Technical Committee A meetings taking place 23/24, March 2020 Technical Committee B meetings taking place 24/25, March 2020 Technical Committee C meetings taking place…

  • Face to Face Meetings

    Meeting Schedule: 8 - 10 June 2020: Technical Committee A and Technical Committee C 5 June 2020: Steering Committee  

  • Automotive SerDes Conference

    Join ASA at the Automotive SerDes Conference in Munich in October 2020.  This conference will be provided in english. On October 14, 2020 there will be a User Forum on…


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