ASA Successfully Establishes Multi-Vendor Market for Camera and Display Connectivity

By ASA News June 3, 2024

Ten Semiconductor Suppliers to Contribute to the Automotive SerDes Market with ASA-Motion Link Compliant Semiconductor Products within the next Year

Munich, Germany June 3, 2024, The Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA) today announces the successful inauguration of a large multi-vendor environment for the asymmetric high-speed communication standard ASA Motion Link (ASA-ML). Next to the three companies, who have already publicly shown their developments (AVIVA Links, Sony Semiconductor Solutions, VSI, a Microchip company), companies like Broadcom Inc., Jinglue Semiconductor, Nanjing Rsemi Technology Co., Ltd., OMNIVISION, Realtek Semiconductor Corporation, ROHM Co., Ltd., Silicon Auto will have ASA-ML compliant engineering samples available within the next year. Their product planning includes Serializer-bridges, single and multiport DeSerializer-bridges, as well as integrated Serializer-imager chips.

The ASA-ML technology addresses the urgent need for an efficient and secure, asymmetric high-speed communication standard that connects the increasing number of cameras, sensors, and displays in modern vehicles. In the Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA), more than 150 members, including the automobile manufacturers BMW, Ford, GM, Hyundai Kia Motor Company, Nio, Renault/Ampere, Stellantis, Volvo Trucks, and Xiaopeng Motors have been working together since May 2019 to develop the respective specifications. Its latest version 2.0 was released in April 2024 and addresses seamless migration to an efficient Ethernet-based sensor connectivity in addition to the established SerDes point-to-point communication. 

“AVIVA Links, as a pioneer of ASA-ML and ASA-MLE silicon solutions, is pleased to see the ASA eco-system progressing rapidly. ASA Motion Link provides the best of both worlds – SerDes & Ethernet, making it an optimum choice for multi-gigabit links in vehicles,” said Kamal Dalmia, CEO of AVIVA Links. “AVIVA is delivering state-of-the-art solutions to accelerate the shift from proprietary solutions to standardized solutions.”

“ASA-ML provides the next generation of in-vehicle Ethernet connectivity for cameras and sensors'” said Khushrow Machhi, Senior Director, Marketing at Broadcom, Inc., “ASA-ML also has the added benefit of delivering the additional bandwidth needs of in-vehicle networks while reducing power and cost. We are excited to support this essential new technology.”

“Jinglue Semiconductor (short JLSemi) is a leading IC company in China to achieve high-speed Ethernet physical layer transmission technology above 10 Gigabit. It is one of the few companies in China that can provide full stack high-speed communication solutions based on in vehicle OSI network architecture L1~L3 layers. We are the leading China semiconductor company working on ASA Motion Link based SerDes development for automotive applications. The 1st ASA-ML SerDes for camera sensor is to be in production by end of this year,” said JLSemi’s chairman and CEO, Runsheng He.

“Nanjing Rsemi Technology Co., Ltd. (short Rsemi), an automotive SerDes solution provider, with automobile chip design as its main business, is devoted to developing in-vehicle high-speed SerDes chips up to now, which is mainly applied to the transmission of video image signals in vehicles. Now we are developing our products with ASA-ML.” – Rsemi.

“OMNIVISION, a leading supplier of image sensors to the automotive market, is pleased to participate in promoting the standardization of asymmetric SerDes technology through its involvement with the Automotive SerDes Alliance. OMNIVISION is committed to delivering integrated image sensor solution that facilitate smaller camera modules for a wide range of automotive applications, including viewing and machine vision. Working alongside multiple ASA members, OMNIVISION aims to guarantee the interoperability of ASA SerDes”, said Mario Heid, VP of OMNIVISION Automotive.”

“We’re excited to see standardization in a market hitherto monopolized by proprietary protocols,” said Yee-Wei Huang, Realtek’s Vice President and Spokesman. “The ASA standard, led by car makers, aligns very well with the industry’s needs. Realtek will continue its track record of proactively participating in the automotive Ethernet standard market to grow together with customers.”

“As a global automotive semiconductor supplier, ROHM is expanding its Automotive SerDes portfolio with the adoption of the ASA standard in its next generation devices. Our contribution in this growing SerDes market enables customers to innovate in their future car architectures. High speed asymmetric links following the ASA standard is the most promising and efficient technology to a more reliable and safe communication in ADAS systems for tomorrow’s vehicles” says Tetsuo Tateishi, Senior Corporate Officer of LSI Business Unit.

“As a new joint venture between Stellantis and Foxconn, Silicon Auto aims to develop silicon solutions for the automotive supply chain. At the core of our strategy lies seamless integration of diverse automotive devices, a goal that ASA-ML supports through reliable high-speed data transfers over extended distances. This initiative by ASA to standardize data links within the automotive eco-system through ASA-ML complements Silicon Auto’s mission to accelerate development, testing and deployment of our cutting-edge silicon solutions.” – Silicon Auto

“VSI, a Microchip company, is a leader in the development of ASA-ML products and was the first to introduce products to market.  Our standards-compliant chipsets are being evaluated now by car manufacturers worldwide, validated with imager partners and as well as designed into camera modules by leading Tier1s” said Kevin So, director of product line management for Microchip Technology’s communications business unit. “We see accelerating industry momentum to adopt an open-standards based, secured solution for ADAS connectivity, and the resounding feedback has been ASA-ML. Microchip’s entry into this market signals our commitment to ensuring interoperable and automotive quality solutions with a robust supply chain will be available for our customers.”

About Automotive SerDes Alliance

The Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA) is a non-profit industry alliance of automotive technology providers collaborating to standardize asymmetric SerDes technology. The group currently has more than 150 active member companies that work together to industrialize and promote the “ASA Motion Link.” The member companies of ASA include representatives from the complete automotive ecosystem, including car manufacturers, tier-ones, semiconductor vendors, cable and connector manufacturers, test tool vendors, and test houses. Having such a diverse and rich ecosystem ensures that the ASA standards development is in-tune with market requirements and is optimized through the participation of industry experts.

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